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The Connoisseur


Da'at - People Get to know the people in the land where you’re traveling – their ethnicity, pride of place, frustrations and joys of living in their country of choice. Whether you’re in Israel or Eastern Europe, Western Europe or North Africa, meet the people in these places and get to know the unusual mix of history and diversity that makes your destination of choice a fascinating place to visit. Learn more


Da'at - Go Anything and everything awaits you on your next journey – markets with exotic crafts and unusual produce, ancient ruins from early times, holy places and unusual customs, mountains to climb and seas to swim. Discover your inner wanderlust as you explore new countries, seeing new sights and trying new things. Learn more


Da'at - Eat Travel is your pathway to tastes and smells new to your palate. Stroll through marketplaces redolent of seasonal produce and try foods prepared in different ways. Let your senses guide you to culinary adventures as you explore the history, recipes and rituals that represent your destination’s food traditions and customs. Learn more


Da'at - See The world is your oyster. Travel it, making time for the unusual as well as the mundane. Walk busy streets, watch colorful sunsets, stroll country paths lush with colorful flora and take the time to have a drink in a café with the locals at the end of a long day of touring. Leave your home country behind as you immerse yourself in new cultures and new encounters – treasure a newfound appreciation for the unexpected and the unknown as you learn the rhythms of a new place. Learn more


Da'at - Think Explore each destination with your heart and mind, learning what makes each place tick and how that affects those who live there. Understand complicated histories and political intrigues that have caused war, strife and sadness as well as cultural healing and hard-won peace and prosperity. Discover, learn and expand your idea of statehood, nationalism and ethnicity as well as the joys and troubles of daily life. Learn more


Da'at - Indulge Travel with the style and comfort to which you are accustomed. From fine dining and luxe accommodations to sensual spa services and boutique wineries, make your trip a feast for the body and mind. Investigate the art galleries and designer ateliers of the cities you are visiting and bring back home objets d’art, designer clothing and lovingly designed crafts and handiwork that will always remind you of this trip. Learn more


Da'at - Celebrate Use your vacation to celebrate a special moment in life, creating a destination celebration. Let the rhythms, customs and styles of your host country give new meaning and enjoyment to a special moment in the history of your life, from weddings and bar or bat mitzvahs to a special birthday or anniversary. Share the festivities with your friends and family and create lasting memories that will endure for a lifetime. Learn more