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our approach to your travels.

Our company was established in 1991 by Ya'acov Fried, a travel entrepreneur who wanted to bring a fresh, original and holistic approach to the traveler. His idea was organic and offered a unique concept that placed the individual at the center of the journey. The approach was simple, listen to your clients and craft for them a travel experience that combines their interests and passions with great logistics and service to achieve a unique alchemy.

Over the years, our team has perfected a method that reflects the original founding principles of the company - using a process that involves individual exploration and creates a connection at a very human level between the traveler and the destination.

We provide top-notch travel logistics and tourism services to groups, individuals and organizations visiting various destinations around the globe.

Tens of thousands of travelers have participated in our programs. To learn more you can choose from one of the options we have provided to you below.

For those of you who have been on a Da’at trip, you can only sense what goes into the planning and details of any given day of an itinerary. Our podcast features a talk with Da’at founder Yaacov Fried, and Da’at educational team members Rivka Brama and Uri Feinberg about what they seek and think about when planning any kind of trip with Da’at. Click here to hear how Da’at plans a trip.