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When planning any type of schedule for a trip, you would want to look at what others have seen and done. We have assembled a number of trip outlines for you to review. These are only suggestions, nothing more than a selection of topic-based trips which can be further developed in partnership with our program professionals. If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us for ideas and suggestions.

12 day | family israel tour


a trip to Israel with my entire family. what an insanely great idea.

Experience the history, diversity, and passion of Israel, surrounded by your family. Whether ascending the hallowed steps of the Temple Mount, finding your way through the dark caverns beneath the City of David, jeep riding up the slopes of the Golan Heights or encountering the eccentricity of Tel Aviv, this multi-generational family experience will take you to such great heights. Parents, children, grandparents - the colors, traditions, past and present will come alive for each of you and all of you together as you travel through Israel, learning, having fun, experiencing and creating family memories that will last a lifetime.

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11 day | bar/bat mitzvah israel tour


we make these bar/bat mitzvah Israel trips so good for you, that you won’t be able to take the smile off your face. really, stop it.

When a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration is combined with a magical family trip to Israel, the experience is boundless. Israel offers an abundance of meaningful backdrops for this coming-of-age milestone, which when companied with a local Rabbi makes every experience unique. Jewish history reveals its splendor as you ascend the entranceway to the Holy Temple of 2,000 years past; an active archeological dig through homes from the Hasmonian periods, provides insight into the lives of our ancestors; meandering through the ancient alleyways of the mystical city of Safed or crashing the waves of Tel Aviv’s renowned beaches is a great way to ensure that your child’s experience will last a lifetime.

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8 day | active israel study tour
for adults


we want you to be in Israel at the intersection of wow and I didn’t know that.

Through introspection, hands-on experiential learning and group dialogue, the multifaceted nation of Israel is revealed. The trials and tribulations of a budding and complex democracy, the dichotomy of ancient history and modern innovation, Israeli society is a delicate and intricate weave of diversity, which begs for in-depth exploration. Our adult study tour is further enhanced by the participation of Israel’s leading educators, who share their insight and expertise in various fields, including sociology, anthropology, religion, politics, and economics. Seasoned scholars and curious new pupils alike, this journey will enlighten the mind and spirit, contributing to continued personal growth, connection with one’s roots and a deeper relationship with the ancient land and the modern State of Israel.

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9 day | israel 360°
an israel expedition for
my federation


people will love israel, be supportive and stay engaged from afar and don’t need to actually visit. really?

From leadership missions, to mega missions and tailor-made study seminars, a trip to Israel through one’s Jewish Federation serves to strengthen the community, engage and connect members, enhance Jewish identity, and build passion for the State of Israel. Our team of professional educators works hand in hand with Federation staff and lay leadership to custom build programs that suit the needs of each individual community. Any and all of the thematic tour templates offered on our website can be modified according to the goals of each particular mission, making for a perfect community-uniting travel opportunity to Israel.

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9 day | the trip for machers
a major donor’s israel tour


we have always been shameless in showing off Israel. oh, and one more thing. israel can still make anyone’s jaw drop.

Israel never fails to inspire…even among those who have traveled here numerous times. Continue to push the envelope with experiential touring that goes above and beyond the expectations of the average tourist, delighting the spirits of those most seasoned travelers. We understand that your organizations’ major donors are stakeholders in Israeli society, and as such they crave unique and impassioned local encounters, which serve as a potent catalyst for strengthening their connection to the state and solidifying lasting relationships.

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9 day | miraculous multi-faith experience


every once in a while you can have a transformational experience while traveling with others. this is once in while.

Travel through the Holyland with companions of multiple faiths, gaining a unique spiritual perspective and witnessing the complexities of religious coexistence at home and abroad. As multiple layers of history unfold and diverse perspectives are grappled with, Israel, the land which bore monotheism, provides the ultimate backdrop for discovering one’s self, one’s community and the other. Allow us to help you create an unparalleled learning experience for your community with visits to ancient sites holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. Formal and informal dialogue among participants and clergy will contribute to a deep understanding of each faith’s connection to the land, the history, and the narratives of the past and the present whilst harvesting mutual understanding.

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10 day | israel here & now
a political & security briefing


being informed about it and asking questions about it, is the best thing you can do to understand it. duh.

Experience firsthand the complexities of an ever-changing geopolitical climate as you travel through Israel witnessing the close proximity and shared existence of populations in conflict. Move beyond the surface scratched by the media; stand on the border between Israel and her neighbors; view the security barrier up close; and examine the moral dilemmas that are encountered regularly in this tumultuous region. Participants will meet with Jewish and Arab personalities, who represent a plethora of opinions, in order to hear their stories and engage in dialogue. Leading scholars and politicians will shed light on the challenges facing Israeli society, leaving participants with the notion that there’s more here than meets the eye.

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11 day | ecology and nature
israel tour


because this is your world, and you want to see the challenges and solutions. and hanging out with mother nature ain’t that bad either.

Travel through Israel’s diverse and magnificent landscapes while examining ecological challenges and cutting-edge approaches undertaken to preserve and restore the environment. Meet with local scholars, who are world leaders in sustainable living, visit restored rivers and nature reserves, learn about locally developed technologies that will put Israel on the map by providing alternative power sources that minimize the need for oil and fossil fuels; these are just a few of the many extraordinary experiences this nation has to offer its environmentally curious travelers. Israel’s rich history and diverse population coupled with its ecological conscientiousness and unique innovative outlook make it an ideal ecotourism destination.

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9 day | MICE
an incentive travel program
in israel


in Israel we’ve got your back. we create rich and varied programs, and we plan and execute events at fantastic venues for your, incentive or convention. we partner with you in every sense and will make you look good. so please don’t stress.

Israel’s fabulous seaside location and ‘anything goes’ attitude, coupled with its rich history and flourishing culture make it the perfect destination for incentive travel. Whether watching the sunset over the Mediterranean, sipping cocktails on a Jerusalem rooftop with an Old City view, walking through the archeological remains of a desert community on a mountain top, or visiting the holy sites of Judaism, Christianity & Islam; this tour is the perfect way to reward hardworking team members and enhance inner-office dynamics. Experiential, engaging, and fun, a company sponsored trip to Israel will create lasting memories for your travelers.

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12 day | my reform community
an israel expedition


no one has planned more trips to Israel for reform congregations than da’at. we speak your language.

Creating a relationship with Israel can be a challenging endeavor at times, but a congregational tour is an incredibly effective tool, which contributes to a greater understanding of the role that Israel plays in our Jewish legacy. Traveling as a community dissolves barriers and creates lasting relationships beyond compare. Walking along the ancient walls of Jerusalem, climbing a rocky path to a magnificent desert fortress, exploring ancient synagogues and learning about their role in communities of the past, Israel brings Jewish history to life. The origins and complexities of nationhood are explored and participants are challenged to ponder the meaning and the glory of a Jewish State. Groups will have the opportunity to interface with people from all walks of life, including members of the Reform Movement in Israel, to hear their stories and realize the numerous similarities and unique differences between the two societies. Allow this journey to spark a new found sense of Jewish identity that can be nurtured and strengthened indefinitely.

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11 day | my kehillah & Israel
an Israel tour for the conservative community


cause we all know that israel is a real place not a story from hebrew school and Jerusalem is a makom shel maalah. and the rugelach is to die for.

Walking through the streets of Jerusalem on Shabbat or exploring the ancient stones of the Old City, one has only begun to uncover the layers of Israel. Whether breathing the air of Tsfat, being in the spot where Israel was declared a State in Tel Aviv or experiencing the most advanced technological, spiritual or social movements in the country, Israel has the power to transform an individual and a community. A congregational tour to Israel provides the perfect platform for continuing to build a strong, committed Jewish community. The origins and complexities of nationhood are explored and participants are challenged to ponder the meaning and the glory of a Jewish State. Couple this experience with the opportunity to meet Israelis from all walks of life, including like minded Israeli members of the Conservative movement and one will find that this journey strengthens your relationship with Israel and with your congregation even more than before.

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11 day | women's israel tour


Traveling through Israel is an amazing experience, and has the potential to change lives. Traveling through Israel with other women offers an opportunity of a lifetime. Through introspection, hands on experiences, sharing ideas thoughts and emotions, our Women’s Tour to Israel allows each and every one of you to learn, laugh and feel on your own and together- as only a group of sisters can. You will encounter ancient sites and modern women, Biblical landscapes and leading female scholars, modern nature and current women’s issues in Israel. The modern State of Israel will unveil itself in all of its glory and allow for a complete rejuvenation of body and soul (yes, there will be a spa to enjoy as well).

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